Osram Lightify A 60 RGBW E27

  • Hi!

    I work nights and when I come home from work I want an environment as free as possible from blue light to promote sleep.

    Do you guys know if a bunch of Osram Lightify A60 RGBW, which I control on my iPhone, will be able to produce light free from blue?

    If I understand the material correct you can choose any color you want and adjust the temperature between 2000k and 6500k.

    (here are som more information about the lamp/system: http://www.osram.com/osram_com/tools-and-services/tools/lightify---smart-connected-light/lightify-for-home---what-is-light-to-you/index.jsp


  • Just browsing the osram site.... they think 7000K is relaxing, sure red will work, but I'm sure that bettle is pink.


    Anyway, on your light, it says the CRI is over 85, and the CCT is 2000K, better CRI (color rendering index) than Philips Hue! I'd say that will work great, but try red as well.

  • Thx for your reply!

    Are you saying that the Red (in RGB) is not actually red?

    I thought they needed pretty good base colors to make all the other colors, but I dont understand the process well at all. Do you know if it needs to be a very accurate red to be free of harmful light in the evening (blue light?)?

    I will definitely try to find a reading lamp that has a good red color. Osram Lightify seems like a interesting system for the whole apartment, but I afraid that its just some fun with colors and not made for optimal lighting throughout the day.

  • I recommend FEIT's red LED lights. I'm using them when I'm getting ready for bed (during the last hour or two of my day) and all I can say is, there's nothing better (especially when combined with f.lux set to 1200K and my monitor dimmed almost down to 0%). I've also had this confirmed by Lorna here on f.lux (who is half of the f.lux team); she said that she bought one and used her spectrometer on it and found that it's the absolute least alerting red light they've ever tested! Of course, there are only two bad things with buying a simple red light:

    You'd either need dedicated lamps for these lights (or a dedicated lamp, if you only need one), or you'd need the patience to be swapping your light bulbs every night and every morning. That's exactly what I do, but my lamps are floor lamps, so it's a piece of cake to swap out the light bulbs.

    Using nothing but these red FEIT LED lights at night is awesome for me: as soon as I switch to them, I can immediately feel a difference. Naturally, I combine it with f.lux set to 1200K and I dim my monitor almost all the way down to 0% and within an hour or two, I'm ready to sleep - sometimes much sooner if I'm tired enough.

    If this is for a child's room though, well.... I'd experiment first. Buy the red FEIT light locally, keep the receipt, and then see how it goes (I have no idea how a child would react to pure red light - would they be scared? Would it cause them to want to play because now there's this fun red light? Would they just go with it and let you use whatever lights you want? Would they even notice? Would they LOVE it for the same reason that I do?). If it's for YOU..... then buy the red FEIT light and keep it. You won't want to return it.

  • Are you saying that the Red (in RGB) is not actually red?

    No, I'm not saying the red will be pink, that was referring to the beetle night light I provided a link to, red should be very red on your lights. If you have a deep blue colored dish or bottle, hold it up to the light. I promise this works, if you see any pink, (it's not deep red / black) then there is some blue light. Let us know!

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