Flux Settings to Match Flux Site Page Background Color?

  • Hello,

    I just downloaded Flux and tried several setting adjustments in all modes to try to match the great rose/light pink background color coded into Flux's own website page https://justgetflux.com/ (without Flux activated). It's a perfect background color for me to use during all daytime monitor viewing.

    Anyone know how to achieve that background color with the Flux settings?


  • No there's no way to match that, but you can use ~1200K.

    Are you using your computer in total darkness? Or is your monitor's brightness too high?

  • f.lux team

    Closest equivalent is 5600K, and it is very close.

    You won't "see" it that color because your eyes will adapt, but if you put an un-fluxed monitor with our homepage next to a f.lux'd one with a white page they will be the same color.

    This probably makes a good daytime setting for a lot of people.

  • @TwoCables I'm using my monitor in a home office environment- no overhead lighting- just desk lighting and table lamp behind me. I wasn't able to find a close match with the recommended flux setting but set my monitor to 5000k and gamma of 2.2 with the flux setting at 5500 which reduced the text-to-background contrast. Thanks for your help.

  • @herf Wow, I thought it would be much warmer, but comparing with a mobile screen, it's very close! Interesting, as I've wondered this and thought it was closer to 4000K.

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