Very bad display (like if I had oly 16 colors) on my Mac after installing f.lux

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    I installed f.lux on my Mac some weeks ago, and it was perfectly fine. Then I went to Vietnam for a personal trip and one morning, my Mac woke up with a very bad display (like if it had only 16 colors... like this : screen of my Mac

    Screeshot also available at

    I tried everything but nothing worked. So I had to take it here in Vietnam to an Apple Authorised Service Provider. After a week, they told me it was f.lux's fault and that I had to uninstall it. Which I did.

    It worked perfectly fine for a few days but this morning, again, my Mac woke up the same way... Even though it's uninstalled, I'm wondering if f.lux didn't leave some configuration or registry settings or whatever

    Any clue? Something else I should check or remove from my computer?

    I am gonna be in Vietnam for 5 more weeks and I absolutely need my Mac to work... but with this display, it's complicated... Please help me...


  • Hi @nicolasdaudin, if f.lux isn't running in the Activity Monitor (and you've deleted any color profile and restarted), it's not causing what you're seeing. f.lux doesn't have this effect on systems. However, there have been some recalls for Macbook Pro video cards and what you're describing sounds like it might be related:

  • Hi

    First of all, thanks for your super fast answer!

    Yes, f.lux seems completely removed from my Mac, since I can't see anything on Activity Monitor...

    I've seen this issue that you are mentionging about Macbook Pro video cards but it's not like my issue:

    So, any other ideas?


  • @nicolasdaudin

    Can you look in System Preferences > Displays > Color and see if there is any color profile there? (Hopefully it says "Color LCD" or something like that.) It is maybe important to have one in order to fix this.

    Also we do know of one 10.10 build that had bad NVIDIA drivers with respect to color. One thought is to debug with and see if the Intel or NVIDIA GPU is causing the trouble (or perhaps both).

    Interesting that the recalled GPU is identical to yours, but they only list it recalled with the Retina. (Guess they know the reasons.)

  • Hi,
    This is not happening since yesterday morning - I installed Onyx and and now it seems better. Now I think it was not used to f.lux but to other factors:

    • overheating
    • leaving my computer sleeping instead of shutting it down when I'm finish...
      Thanks for your help!

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