f.lux overriding Mac OS X dark menu bar

  • There seems to be a conflict between the wake-up hour for f.lux and the dark menu bar. If you set the Mac's menu bar to dark mode, f.lux seems to override it at the wake-up time set in preferences. Any solutions?

  • I think there is a setting in f.lux that has a toggle for the dark theme, search for it!

  • I have same(?) problem.

    1. Sleep Mac with f.lux's "OS X dark theme at sunset" after sunset. (without dark theme setting of System Preferences.)
    2. Wake-up Mac after next sunrise.
    3. Finder's menu bar is still in dark theme. (but other full-screen app's menu bar aren't in dark theme, and icons at right side in Finder's menu bar [clock, spotlight, etc.] aren't in dark theme too.)

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