F.lux stopped working, reinstalled, when I attempt to open getting "The application “Flux” is not open anymore."

  • Mac Air mid 2012
    OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    Been using f.lux for years, a few days ago i was using it through out the day as I've found headaches occurring more so with computer use. The day after f.lux didn't load during start up and when I clicked on the application I got "The application “Flux” is not open anymore."

    I removed the application, downloaded a fresh updated copy, opened the application again to receive "The application “Flux” is not open anymore."

    Rinsed and repeated the above, removed f.lux, emptied trash, restarted computer, downloaded fresh copy and again good old "The application “Flux” is not open anymore.".


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