Colour oversaturation in YouTube with Safari with f.lux turned on.

  • Hello!
    I'm having this issue on a MacBook Pro 2016 13" with macOS Sierra 10.12.4.
    While watching videos on YouTube with Safari (10.1) and putting them fullscreen, after few seconds there's an increase in colour saturation (red especially) as if the colour profile changed.
    This only happens with f.lux activated.
    I attach two photos of the screen, as the screenshots doesn't show the problem.

    After few seconds not touching the trackpad:
    Has anyone experienced the same issue?
    Thanks in advance!


  • UPDATE: the issue doesn't occur with the Movie Mode turned on!

  • This is all 100% normal. It's due to the way f.lux works. It's reducing certain colors such as blue which means all you're left with are warmer colors which means it will seem like there's an over saturation of red.

    Regarding Movie Mode, if you have a color temperature set that's warmer than 4400K, then f.lux will change the color temperature to 4400K and it will also do a few other fancy things to help with allowing videos to look better while producing minimal amounts of alerting colors like blue.

    So, nothing is wrong or broken or messed up. You're seeing the results of f.lux doing what it's supposed to do. Its effect can be even more pronounced if you are using any kind of color saturation normally (aside from f.lux). The less color saturation effects you use aside from f.lux, the less over-saturated red will look.

  • Hello "Two Cables",

    I appreciate your answer, but do you think I'm that silly not to distinguish the display colour temperature being changed by f.lux from a problem related to the colour space of the monitor?
    The issue is apparently related to the colour profile being changed during the video playing; I'm not an expert in informatics, but having the monitor of the new MacBook Pros the DCI-P3 RGB colour space, it looks like there's a conflict between the working of f.lux colour profile and the one chosen by Safari according to the video being played; and the issue manifests itself - I repeat - few seconds after not touching the trackpad while the video is being played and YouTube toolbar disappears.
    I attach another photo with the lower part of it before the issue appears and the upper part, few seconds later, when the problem does appear; ALL colours are oversaturated (blue included; watch the sea).


  • Well, you didn't really say very much at all in your original post. Sorry. If you had explained everything like you just did, then I wouldn't have replied because then I would have known that I don't know what the answer is. Judging from your original post though (and only your original post), it sounds like normal results from f.lux doing its thing. Judging from your reply here, yes, I can see what you're saying now but you didn't say anything like this in your original post.

    I could only go by what you said.

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