Note 5 gets 860 nits on auto brightness!

  • Hey, title says a lot! My Note 3 only does 660 nits which is a bit lacking. I was amazed that the Note 4 does 750 nits, and now the Note 5 surpasses that, with 860 nits!!!

    Also hopefully they'll start working on removing the PWM from the screen and I'll upgrade--until then it's currently and still will be hell on my eyes with the flickering on most lower brightness settings.

    I was considering getting HTC One Max but that's just too big, around 5.5 inch screen is as large as I want to go.

    I'd like to find a phone that I can easily read outside but does not use OLED because of the a fore mentioned flickering. I'll say again it's not pleasant at father distances. I've searched for a while but and I like the HTC One M9 but it's just a bit too fancy as I'll just put a case over such a beautiful phone.

    If the users of this forum could throw android phone suggestions my way that meet the following requirements:
    5.0 - 5.5 inch screen
    Min. 590 nits max brightness
    Non OLED display (main requirement)

    I would be very grateful and my eyes would be too. As it stands if my phone is about from my hand stretched from pinky to thumb to my face, I see a flicker, so I've gotten uncomfortably used to holding it closer and I'm sure that's not good. So I really would like to find a phone to switch to when I get a chance.

    New android phone recommendations, see requirements section!

  • Also I may move this topic into android forum but i'd also like to see what I can get here.

  • About double as much light as the iPhone 6+ at same distance. Not bad!

  • Oh wow! I thought the iphone 5 got 600 nits.

  • Slightly bigger too.

  • Oh that's right, so it does produce more light! Well currently I'm in the process of transferring this to android central, and I'll update what I decide to pick here.

    Low brightness would also be an important factor--I'm really glad we have people that go and measure phones screen quality like display mate does--but I like the color spectrum info so much too that only you all have.

  • I can't pick the HTC One M9, is the color temperature is WAY the hell up there, at 8114K according to "phone arena", which I appreciate them taking the time to measure!
    EDIT, it really looks completely normal in the photos, so I'm not sure how accurate the data is. Oh it's accurate, youtube just proved that.

    That's great, and here's the chart:

    Yeah, that's rediculous, and so I've been adding phone to that list in the chart, and the only two that I've found in the ballpark of where I want the color temp is the HTC Desire 626, and the Nexus 5. I'll have to look around some more, there were others as well, the M8, at ~7110K, was decent.

    I'll try to generate a list for you in the chart... and that isn't easily possible, haha, maybe there's code in the chart I can save or something fancy, anyway I think I've got an idea.

    I'm not sure of your familiarity with PC gaming, or the Reddit "PC Master Race". Well now they have come up with the PC Master Race curator which is a list of PC worthy / well coded PC games. I was thinking we could start the 6500K Master Race! We could go out, and find data on which phones have a color temperature close to 6500K, and have the list available for everyone to view. I understand that this is what the fluxometer does, but for a quick list, I think people might like it.

    Currently, I cannot filter the list of phones in the fluxometer by color temperature, but on the website I have linked, I can, and that is amazing. Hmmm, maybe just link to that chart!

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