Lighting Suggestions

  • I have quite a few suggestions that might help you, so listen up! :)

    First of all, I highly recommend you not to use Candie or warmer than that at nighttime. The more warm the lighter it is on your eyes, right? Wrong. Candie actually hurts my eyes, and dosen't work well. Note I'm actually using Flux because I get common eye-strain headaches from my computer. For nighttime, I recommend using Tungsten, it's not very warm, but it's warm enough to relax your eyes. It seems to be working.
    Second, in daytime, don't use Daylight if you're on the computer often. Stick with Sunlight. Sunlight is a definetely warmer than Daylight, but when you have it for a day or two, it's very hard to tell the difference in color, but Sunlight is way more easier on your eyes. Trust me. Since I'm on the computer more often, and if you are, I strongly recommend Florescent. It's definetely a big difference, but trust me, drop down the brightness a bit, and your eyes are perfectly fine. Good for marathons of writing and gaming.
    Third, just leave your Sunset option between Tungsten and Florescent. It's not too warm, and not too light-ish. I don't really have a recommendation for Sunset, so it's up to you.
    I personally love Flux, it's making my headache better already.

  • @WarmScreenMan25 Thank you for sharing your experience, but what works for you is not for every person. It is extremely dependent on a number of variables, and personal preference is one of many. This forum is not the place to dispense this level of advice. Locking thread.

    For anyone who would like to know more about the current science about biological effects of computer screens (you can experiment with age, distance, color and brightness) please visit

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