Help! After update F.Lux Mac Book Pro jumpes back to inlog screen! unable to stop F.lux.

  • I updated F.lux this morning.
    As soon as the new F.lux activates the screen go's black two or three times and OS-x logs out of the account. And I'm back at the inlogscreen.
    This also happens in the admin account and other accounts.
    As F.lux is started automaticly (and log's out at once the account) i'm unable to stop OS-x from loading.
    This is very unpleasant because the computer is now unusable.
    Anybody knows a way to stop F.lux from loading?
    Ton from Amsterdam

  • Hi Ton, what version of the Mac OS are you running?

  • Also, holding Shift from the login screen will disable login items temporarily, and you can then permanently remove them from System Preferences.

    (We did not add anything to this build that should have such a big effect though.)

  • @lorna Thanks for answering.
    OSx Version. I can't see because i've just got 2 secondes before the screen flashes black 2 or 3 times and OSx logges out off the account.
    But I didn't see any updates waiting so I think it is the latest OS Sierra.

  • @herf I think something went very wrong during the f.lux installation. The holding Shift option works well. And I was able to remove f.lux. But the problem did not go away. After that I removed everything I could see thats starts up at every account. But the result kept the same. Also tried the ctrl-cmd P&R and others options. In this moment I restoring the complete Time Machine backup from 2 day's ago.

  • If you've removed f.lux, and it is not running at all, you might have an unrelated problem. There's nothing in f.lux that should affect your system this way.

  • Well, I think you're wright. As I'm not seeing other posts with this issue. So it is just a coincidence. Thanks for the help though. Ton

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