Flux changes color for another user account

  • Hello
    I have two user accounts on my macbook air (os sierra, 10.12.1) and exceptionally on my own user account there is flux (V 37.7) installed.
    But from time to time on the other user account the colors get changed, and this during daytime. As on the other account there is no Flux installed, it's even not possible to quit the app. So I have to reboot from time to time to get the colors "right" again.
    What can I do to get this fixed?
    Many thanks

  • @nicobaba and anyone from flux listening, I too am experiencing the same issues and would also like a good resolution to the issue.

  • Are you seeing this with that newer version (39.94)? There is one fix there that may help.

    We are actively working around this bug in macOS while f.lux is running, so there is not much we can do when it isn't running. The macOS "automatic brightness" system tends to remember old profiles we've set and restore them at really strange times.

    I hope a newer OS update will fix some of these cases.

  • @herf, I am seeing this in version (39.94).

    FYI, i have never even installed/opened flux on the user accounts that I mentioned that don't want flux to alter their monitoring.

    Is there a way that I can delete any "old profiles" that you mention from the macOS system?

  • Again, it's a bug in macOS, and because we're not running we cannot fix it.

    The fix is to reboot or to turn off automatic brightness.

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