Different wakeup time for different days of the week.

  • Can we set a different wakeup time for each different days of the week? This would be a very useful feature for students.

  • f.lux team

    Do you stay up later when there are later classes the next day, or just sleep in more?

  • Depends. I try to get 6 hours of sleep, but the wake up time definitely follow my class schedule. I can't have a single wake up time when sometime I have classes between 8h am to 5 pm and other days it's 1h pm to 9h30 pm.

  • I'm also interested in this feature. Here is my use case:
    I am studying part time and working part time in different cities. For my studies I have to wake up at 7:30 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For my work I have a longer commute and must wake up at 6am.

    • If I set up my wake up time to 7:30 (for studies), my display is too bright in the evening during the end of the week when I'm supposed to go to bed earlier because of work.
    • If I set up my wake up time to 6:00 (for work), my display is too warm to work late at night during the beginning of the week for my studies.

    I would love something where the single wake up time value could be expanded to a value per day.

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