Is there a way to disable the Wakeup Time Feature on Mac?

  • It seems that the wake-up time feature on Mac can't be disabled. However, although this is a feature that might be appropriate for a lot of people, I find it pretty contradictory to the general concept of adjusting the screen color temperature according to the sun position. I just switched to a Mac and I was pretty happy before with the windows version that if I remember it correctly simply adjusts to the courses of the sun. So, I wondering why I can't find a simple checkbox or the like to switch the wake-up time feature off or do I just overlook something here?

  • There is a preset called "Classic F.lux" that will do this.

  • Thank you very much, that's what I'm looking for. Don't know why I missed it, although I read the docs before I wrote the question. Sorry for bothering and thanks again :-)

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