Reverse f.lux settings for night shift worker

  • I work night shift. I'm trying to basically reverse f.lux settings because I'm awake all night and sleep during the day.

    I'm having difficulty figuring out how to set this up. Do I want to just reverse the sliders for daylight/bedtime, or do I want to change the "Time I wake up", or both? Should I just change my location to a GPS location that's +12hrs? Tips?! Thanks.


  • @JamesC18 just reverse "am" and "pm" and turn off auto time zone

  • f.lux team

    Do you usually sleep immediately after work, or later in the day? Also do you rotate off shift work or sleep during the night on weekends?

    If you are always on the night shift and sleep right after work (i.e. in the AM):

    1. Set your wake time to somewhat before you wake up (2-3 hours before)
    2. Use the preset called "working late" so the sunset has no effect on your screen

    We are working on better (automatic) solutions for this, but this is my best advice right now.