f.lux does not open

  • I have just installed f.lux, and the f.lux symbol (mountain/sun) is in my OS Bar. But double click or right mouse button> Open does not do anything.

  • @orgaanja Just to be clear--are you clicking the icon in the menu bar, because I don't think you should be double clicking, nor should you have an option "open" when you right click--this reads like you're trying to open a setup file, or it maybe just the program in "Applications" folder. From my VERY limited experience, I had issues when I did not "Move [f.lux] to Applications folder" when asked.

    If this is the case, open Activity Monitor and close the f.lux process, and try starting it again.

    If this isn't working, close it if it's open, and search "finder" for "f.lux" or 'flux' and delete anything associated with it.

    Then reinstall, and this time (assuming you have not) move it to applications when the message comes up. If you've already done this, then reinstalling should fix these issues either way.

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