Just a thought

  • I love f.lux it's made my life so much easier (for the most part).. As probably many others flux become a necessity in my daily use of my computer and phone. Tools I use a lot. One thing that however has been a thorn in my side since day one is the fact that I forget to turn it of when I'm working. This is pretty important seeing as how I work in film and there for with colors. I've too many times to count worked myself through a grade (film coloring) just to realize f.lux has been on the entire time. Now you could argue that I probably should notice this or that I'm just plain forgetful. It's just when you've had it for a while you kind of forget what your screen actually looks like, always leaving you in a state of chock as soon as you quit f.lux.. Am I alone in this or has this happened to anyone else? My thought was however that a warning from f.lux when starting programs like Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and more would be much to my aid.

    Now this is probably easier said than done, anyway a piece of my mind!

  • Also we have a "disable by app" feature in this version, so you can do this by hand pretty quickly. Just choose the "disable" menu and click "for current app" and f.lux will then always be disabled when that app is in the foreground.

    We haven't preset a list, because people may have different preferences.

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