Flux Hardly Going Orange

  • Hey, I've recently had a problem with flux on my mac where it hardly goes orange at all even if I move the bar to the 1200K mark. I've tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, changing all the settings, making sure it's not on movie mode etc but nothing's working! Help!

  • Is there a chance you have "disable for app" on?
    Check the disable menu.

    It should not be possible to disable the f.lux app itself, though.

    Also: which version of the OS are you using?

  • Nope don't have that on! I'm currently on Yosemite, however I've been on that for a while and flux has always worked on it.

  • There were some automatic brightness bugs in Yosemite - you may have to reboot, or disable automatic brightness.

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