Color differences between Macbook Air and Windows desktop

  • Hello,

    I noticed that when I'm working on both machines to move files I need to take along the light level is much brighter on the macbook then on my PC. When I checked there is a difference of 1500K between them, but the setting seem about the same.
    Is there a way to fix that? Sadly the mac version of the software has much more options and settings than the windows one, but I don't see them documented in the client. So maybe I just need to change a setting, but no clue what.


  • F.lux is not the problem, it's the display. You can easily have like 10 different displays in front of you (be it separate monitors or displays on tablets and laptops), and you can have 10 different results for color accuracy. Just because f.lux says it's at a certain color temperature, it doesn't mean that you're seeing exactly that color temperature. What you actually get is entire dependent on the display being used.

    So, the only way to fix that is by making adjustments to the display's settings until you are satisfied with it. There's nothing you can do in f.lux, unless you wish to change the color temperature to compensate for the display's difference in color accuracy.

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