Flux effect persists after closing

  • After closing flux the effect on the screen colour goes away. If I then close my Macbook, wait a few seconds and then reopen my screen colour has changed back to how Flux would have it even though it's no longer running. Opening Flux causes this to go away.

    The same goes for opening Flux, disabling until sunrise, closing and then reopening my Macbook but this time it has the colour effect with "disable until sunrise" still checked. Unchecking and then re-checking the option fixes this.

    I'm using Flux version 37.7 with OSX 10.12.1 (16B2659) Sierra.

  • Our beta fixes one bug that may be related:


  • Since I use Plex Player a lot I'll have to wait for the next update that fixes the bug related to that before testing this.

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