Are Xenon (real Xenon+tungsten metal) safe to use as lighting in a home?

  • I have thought about using it but it's insanely difficult to find on the Internet, so I've almost completely given up, but I like the color output, asd it's really really smooth, usually around 6200K and well, I just think it's cool. My only fear is the little minor thing about the explosions, you know, not really a big deal (just kidding).

    We're talking 440 PSI of gas (Xenon gas) in a glass containment. So... maybe you all could dig up some info on the risk of explonion, or if that's leads unsuccessful, then I'd like you to help me find a place when I can buy TRUE 6200K (or really close) Xenon bulbs, because they seem to be a lot more efficient than any Incandescent bulbs, especially with the higher color temp.

  • They are ridiculously hot.
    You probably want the "mini" ones and those are still $200/bulb.

  • This takes me back to my very long ago job as a projectionist. If you get a fingerprint on the xenon bulb it will shatter when it turns on and heats up, they get that hot! But they are nice for reference light. Probably more UV than you'd ever want for at home use.

  • I couldn't find one without a UV filter. The spectrum is really flat too.

  • Aw, I don't want a flat spectrum. That probably won't be what I was looking for. Also the whole heat issue, I guess that's why they didn't take off for consumers.

    I've learned so much from you two, it's just so cool! Thanks I'll stick with LED, and have you seen the new LED panel?

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