Helia, new circadian friendly bulbs taking pre-orders

  • Give Soraa (this project was formerly known as Helia) a visit and check them out. Direct links to technical specification sheets for all their launch products: Helia BR-30 Bulb; Helia Smart Snap presence and ambient light sensors; Helia Cloud Connect allows use with Alexa and IFTT, possibly more in the future.

    Interestingly they are using powerline technology; I am unsure how well this system will work since homes usually have different electrical circuits for various parts of the house with several rooms or high powered outlets per circuit. Due to this, multiple snap modules or the cloud connect might be needed to keep the lights in sync. With the cloud connect would be able to reach all the bulbs, I imagine some homes would need a repeater, From my perspective, I wonder if they are adding twice the complexity by having customers account for two different connectivity technologies. On the other hand, ambient light sensors may work very well for well-lit homes, but I wonder about rooms without natural lighting. It could be that they work very well with all the methods they are using, will have wait patiently to test and find out.

    I'm glad to see the competition growing and heating up in this sector of smart appliances.

  • Thanks for the heads up. The use of powerline is great news as I don't want Wi-Fi in my home.

    Edit - scrap it, there seems to be no Ethernet or USB connexion on their Server Connect apparatus. No buy.

  • I'll let you know if access can be gained sans wi-fi if I get around to actually purchasing and testing one. Mind if I ask why you don't want wi-fi enabled devices? Health or security reasons?

  • Cheers. Maybe connecting one's computer to the powerline could give remote access to the light bulbus - but I doubt Helia has implemented that.

    I avoid Wi-Fi as much as I can for health reasons. Wireless safety is still controversial and I can't afford to get more health problems than I already have.

  • Well here's to your health Mouloud, I hope you can reverse your health issues and thrive. Something I do to counter the EMF a bit is I wear a giant Elite Shungite as a pendant. I feel more energetic when I wear it; I don't know how well it shields me from EMF, if at all. I'm not learned about astrology or horoscopes, nor healing minerals or stones but, my experiences have been positive being exposed to them thus far.

    With confidence, I suggest that you seek out a float center and try floating if there is one in your area. They're also known as sensory deprivation chambers or tanks. Unlike precious stones, the effects of floating are immediately apparent to everyone after a session. Read more over at FloatHQ.com if you're interested. It's not cheap, but I always feel super rejuvenated after a float, as if I've been reborn. If you end up loving it, you can always invest and buy your own to save money and recoup some of the cost by having friends float for a small fee.

    Wishing you health and wellness Mouloud.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @adamlogan Thank you for caring, Adam, and for the detailed feedback regarding what works for you. I had never heard of the concept of float centres, which sounds intriguing. It's probably great for relaxation. Not sure it's available outside of the USA though.

    At the moment I'm reducing my exposure to EMF and (for the current health issues) financing research through donations to targeted foundations. Of course I'm also using f.lux for my vision. (Eagerly waiting for Dasung Paperlike clones that'd retail for a cheaper price, as e-ink screens would help too.)

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