I wish f.lux would show 1 wake up notification at most

  • I'm willing to try out the notification feature, since it reminds me to sleep, but
    when I return to the computer after some hours the screen is filled with notifications, and I have to close each one.

  • f.lux team

    Are you on 10.8 or a newer version?

    We saw this bug on 10.8 but could not find a way to fix it. It should not be doing this on newer versions.

  • I'm seeing it too. Version 36.3 on OS X 10.10.5. Every half hour I get a Notification from Flux of when I'm waking up. Cool of it to see the future like that and all but, also really annoying. :)

  • As a work-around, you can try going to Notifications in System Preferences, and choose "banners" instead of "alerts". That way the notification will disappear after a few seconds.

  • f.lux team

    Also if you dislike the feature, f.lux has an "Options" menu to turn it off in one click.

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