The defaults - and preferences on this this are a mess

  • Ok granted I have not spent a lot of time with this app. But a test of UX is a "does it do what most people want with minimal effort". flux fails badly. For example, it defaults to changing the screen at sunset. Well, come on, most people want it to be later. So most people would click "bedtime" and expect to be able to adjust the late evening setting. But when you do that, it allows you to set colors and then after a timeout it pops back to a sunset setting . I mean this is just bogus. What i want to do is set my late nite work time (which I would think is what "bedtime" means) to a specific time. But I can't/ But I CAN set my wake up time. WTF? Who cares about that? 95% of people want the screen to change when they are working AFTER sunset but before they go to sleep. Who cares about wake up time. This need to be COMPLETELY re thought

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