Ideal latitude coordinates for perfect lightning?

  • Hello,

    I write this from far north, where we have very little sunlight. The idea of being in red mode the whole day is a bit moronic, so I’m trying to find the ideal latitude coordinates (or rather place) to choose to my timer.

    At the moment I have picked Sudan. What in your opinion is the most optimal location to pick for f.lux?

  • It's different for everyone, so you would have to do some research and pick one that you think will suit you the best.

  • latitude - horizontal
    longitude - vertical

    find long , lat of your city . keep long same , but choose a latitude that is closer to equator

    the closer to equator, the more daytime you get. (if iam not wrong 0 is pole , 90 is eq , try 45)

    alt text

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