I want OFF in morning and ON in evening

  • Frustrating. The concept is good but tying it to what is happening outside should be an option not a requirement. I want control of flux, so that I can set the hours it comes on. Specifically, I DON'T want flux working very first thing in the morning because I want bright blue light to help me wake up. And i DO want it working in the evening - then it would be fine to work with the sunset as long as it starts dimming by 10pm, regardless of the sunset - but that is more of a nice to have. The main thing is simply letting users set, without variation, how flux turns on and off through the day! You would have thought that the programmers would START with that, rather than the clever daylight rhythm feature.

  • @FluxUserZ So I guess you set the "wake up" time later so that it doesn't dim and warm so early? Maybe kick up the sunset color and set the bedtime setting around 2700K or lower.

  • Thanks Tungsten_smooth for replying. However, I want Flux OFF in the morning, so setting the wake up time later doesn't I think help. Flux just thinks it is nighttime I get a warm orange tinge rather than a wake-up-bright which is what I want. Plus it will continue to adjust through the seasons, whereas I want it to stay the same throughout the year. Why don't the Flux programmers build in the option to set the hours for flux to work? I don't want it on in the morning, but I do want Flux working before I go to bed, and at exactly the same time every evening since -sad to say- I am an office worker and my hours do not vary with the seasons.
    Does anyone have a good suggestion please? Come on Flux programmers, where are you?

  • I agree. I don't mind the concept of tying it to sunrise/set but here in the frozen tundra sunset is at 4:20 p-.m. today. I don't need or want a dim screen that soon.

    How about adding two additional check boxes in preferences:

    [ ] OVERRIDE SUNRISE: Set sunrise as [ no later than || no earlier than || exactly at ] XX:XX a.m.
    [ ] OVERRIDE SUNSET: Set sunset as [ no later than || no earlier than || exactly at ] XX:XX p.m.

  • @RidleyO Excellent suggestion. Thanks RidleyO. Now, will Flux act on this and add the control feature? It shouldn't be hard to do. Are you listening Flux?

  • I wish F.lux didn’t just assume the user wants X amount of sleep. In other words, how about just allowing the user to set start and end times manually? I don’t necessarily want f.lux to dim at 5:30pm just because that’s when the sun sets in the winter, and I don’t want to have to monkey around with the “time I wake up” just to control when it un-dims.

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