Is there a way to suppress the "Flux is disabled for <application> message that pops up when changing between windows?

  • I find it unnecessary and a bit annoying when i'm switching between a few windows, some of which Flux is disabled for. Thanks.

  • f.lux team

    If you don't need any f.lux notifications, you can turn them off in System Preferences.

    I'd say our #1 issue on the Mac is when someone disables f.lux "for an app" and can't figure out why,, so this is why we are so loud about it.

    But I agree, once you know you turned it on, to see the notifications every day is annoying. Maybe we should tell you 5 times. :)

  • @herf Cool, thanks. Turning them off in System Preferences sounds like the best option for me as I will be aware why Flux isn't working in certain applications. Fully understand the dilemma for you guys though!

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