I downloaded this program and now I can't get rid of it or my correct screen colour back!

  • I downloaded this app a while a go, I didnt like it so removed it, and my screen still dims throughout the day. It is getting so anoying, how do I make it stop?

  • @Jqarthur It's a bit confusing to remove on mac because it's like you have to guess what to delete.

    Let's start off by checking to see if it's still running--if not we'll check the color profiles, and if that doesn't work, you'll need to then re-install f.lux, but set it to 6500 for both day and night.

    To check if f.lux is running: open the "activity monitor" and look for the "flux" process. End it if you see it. Search "Finder" for "flux" and "f.lux" (with the dot in the name!).

    Delete all files of f.lux / flux.

    Then reboot the machine.

    If screen has not returned normal colors, you'll have to play with your color profiles. I'm not very knowledgeable with that on mac, so I'll stop here and let someone else take over. Yes I didn't expand on setting f.lux to daylight for both day and night, so I will do that here. I think you set it to "classic f.lux" and choose 6500K for both settings.

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