Manual for how to use this app.

  • Hello,

    I've been looking for a manual for this app. I've found the FAQ page and I've found the forums, but none of them answer my simple questions.

    I would like to see the descriptions of the apps features, and instructions on how to configure it. For example, I'd like the explanation of how Flux dims the screen, and how to configure it. Also, I'd like to see descriptions of how the options work. What is Backwards Alarm or Sleep in on Weekends? I'm find bits and pieces of the answers but nowhere is there a complete explanation, or am I missing something? Is there a manual?

  • FYI - I just found this link in the forums. I took quite a while to find, but it seems to be closest thing there is a to a manual. I wish this was easier to find than it is.

  • @DougB This is useful—thanks for sharing! Now I can make use of all of f.lux's potential…

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