Tweaks for Northerners

  • Hi there! 2016 marks my first phenomenal year using f.lux. It has made a huge improvement in my life.

    It's also my first winter with f.lux, and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Recently, I noticed f.lux starts to warm my screen around 4:00PM, when I'm still at work! I understand what f.lux is doing, since in November sunset is about an hour away. But I'm not going to bed for another 6 hours! In fact, I use blue LED lights to KEEP me from getting sleepy too early these evenings!

    I note that the FAQ says, "We're working on a feature that lets you control time settings more closely." But I just wanted to add my voice and experience. Regardless of my location or time of year, f.lux dimming should be based on bedtime, not sunset. Just my two cents.

    In any case, thanks for making an amazing product. :-)

  • I would too appreciate this functionality as I'm from north as well. I use working late with absurd wake up time as a work around, to get the screen go warm at decent time, but I prefer the smoother transition of the recommended preset.

  • @Geekman Be careful with the blue LEDs. I would suggest green to do the same thing, and it won't keep you awake for quite as long. I mean when you get done using the lights, it won't take as long for you to get sleepy again.

  • @Tungsten_smooth The documentation tells you to stop using it an hour before bed – I opt for two hours before. I got myself a Phillips device, so it was a bit of an investment, but it keeps me from feeling like I want to fall asleep around 7PM.

  • @Geekman Cool, is it the "GoLite"? That was is just all blue! I'd like to see something similar but more natural sky blue looking so it's not as monotonous of a blue.

  • I think just allowing users to set the dim/bright times manually would be the easiest thing.
    But for now, you might try the “working late” profile, which delays dimming.

  • Thanks for the note on "working late" - I hadn't found that before. I'm another northerner, in Minnesota, and being able to set it based on working hours, bedtime, or something like that would be very very nice.

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