f.lux not playing nice with my spyder elite color profiles

  • Hi, I just got this colorimeter for my Macbook Pro, and whenever I try to select one of the color profiles it created based on its calibration, f.lux switches it back to it's own profile that it installed. I can only get it to stick to my desired profile by quitting flux.
    I've been using flux for years and I would really hate to have to stop because I like it a lot.

    Let me know if i can submit any logs or do anything to help.

    Macbook Pro 8,3
    Connected to a dell U2713HM over displayport
    OS X 10.11.6

  • @flyevolution I have the same problem and its driving me crazy. I have a custom color profile set for my external monitor, and Flux always switches back to its own. Didn't used to have this problem...

  • Got this annoying problem too.. maybe I will be forced to quit this app. I've got 2 color profiles one for my retina macbook pro and one for my thunderbolt display, when using flux it resets the custom profiles to the default ones. Fix please

  • At night: f.lux reads your profile, copies and modifies it, and writes a new one each time.

    During the day it should preserve your profile exactly.

    If you want to turn off this behavior see this page:

  • @herf thank you, yeah I understand, It should, but unfortunately when flux deactivates sometimes the wrong color profile is loaded (the apple stock one), and before doing any graphic/video work I need to go to settings and look for the correct one.
    Is there a fix? I like how flux "kicks in"

  • Yes we are trying to restore the chosen profile but there seem to be some new cases where it fails in 10.11+.

    You can try disableProfile using the link above. The goal of that system is to avoid flickering when switching between GPU (discrete/integrated) but it is possible that this works better in the new OS (we need to test it again).

  • @herf ok thanks did it and hope it'll work flawlessly! In any case, waiting for an update! Amazing software!

  • @Vannix any update? did the command help?

  • @flyevolution yes it works perfectly!

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