Settings not accessible no icon in top bar

  • Hi there,

    Reading your FAQ is says the settings can be found/changed at the top right hand side of the task bar (Mac OS). I don't have this currently. I'm in Australia and notice that Flux starts to work in the mornings instead of evening so I'm guessing it is reflecting US time but can't find any way to access this task bar so I can change it. Have tried uninstall/install.

    Thanks in advance. :-)

  • Hmm! What version of Mac OS do you have? It should be just to the left of your system clock.

  • @lorna I'm running OS X...there is nothing to the left of my system clock is there a way to attach a screen shot?

  • I believe you - check in Activity Monitor to see if you can find flux process - force quit it if you do, and then try a re-install. I think your preferences might have gotten a bit corrupted somehow.....

  • Ok great, got it, re-booted and it's up there. Thanks for your help!!

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