Easier to access temperature adjustment

  • Hi!
    I find myself constantly going to the status bar, clicking f.lux, going down to preferences, then changing my preference for sunset/bedtime. But all I want to do is just quickly change the temp based on the amount of light in the room, it being really late, my eyes being tired, how many hours it is till I plan on sleeping (not always the same). And this adjustment is not meant for those purposes.

    I would LOVE to have a slider in the dropdown.
    Or a short list of presets on the top level menu I could customize myself (warm, warmer, etc).
    Or a keyboard shortcut, oh god that would be the holy grail.

    This would make my life better! And it doesn't seem crazy hard. I imagine there's a lot of us changing preferences once a night or every other night or so when we could have control much closer at hand!


  • I registered just to second these suggestions. They cover everything I would want to say, and I'm quite surprised to not see a long string of replies.

    To reiterate the original poster's suggestions, which I think are also fairly standard and expected interface elements, especially considering the sophistication of the app beyond these omissions:

    • a dropdown slider
    • colour temp. presets (with shortcuts)
    • shortcuts (enable, disable, warmer, colder)

    Crossing my fingers, because once you start using f.lux you don't exactly stop.

  • Omg yes please I would love this. f.lux is the best app ever that will never leave my life.