Coolor weather / seasonal shift in sleep

  • Is there a graph or chart that shows the average amount of sleep changing with the seasons? I find that I love fall weather, I'm just in the zone! There's nothing else like it, and well, I'll let you know if I'm sleeping more, or quality seems better in a couple months. It's gonna be so cool!

  • f.lux team

    I love fall weather too! I wish we'd get some in Los Angeles. People definitely sleep longer in the wintertime, and I think they probably don't sleep long enough. With all the data trackers out there we should start seeing some really interesting things soon.

  • Awesome. I was told it's coolor (usually in the 70 degrees) in most parts of California -- I've been there once, the beach ocean water was extremely cold (maybe 50 degrees or colder, springtime). What's this about not getting fall weather?

  • f.lux team

    Fall weather comes later here anyway, but this summer has been a record-breaker (like in many places). And we're probably about to get whacked with an El Nino year which brings hot humid air and many storms:

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