Doesn't work with Google Chrome (macOS Sierra)

  • Hey guys,
    Flux works great on the MacBook with macOS Sierra (10.12.1).
    It works for all applications, EXCEPT Google Chrome. Which is unfortunately the MOST IMPORTANT :D application.
    If I open Chrome it immediately turns off. Now if you switch apps a lot it keeps turning on/off all the time which is not only extremely buggy but also hurting my eyes - doing more bad than good.

    Please take a brief look into this issue!

    Best regards,

  • Sorry guys,
    false alarm.

    I just restarted my Mac and when I opened Chrome it told me "flux is disabled for this app" — with 1 click I could "reset" it again.

    Maybe make this setting more obvious in flux? I was absolutely unable to find such a setting for excluded apps! :)


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