Suggestion for Backward Alarm Clock

  • Greetings. I love Flux!!! I also love the idea of a backward alarm clock - as a confirmed insomniac, I'm always counting down to see how many hours of sleep I have left.

    But there's just one thing - this popup thing is too much for me. If I fall asleep while computing I wake up in the morning with a bunch of little message to dismiss, which, along with the notifications from my calendar, get a bit overwhelming. Especially if I am trying to do something like look at email while still groggy.

    May I suggest either a menu option where we can just request a popup, or a way to configure the frequency of the popups, or even better, have them go away after a configurable period of time? (Or even a fixed period, like 15 minutes, if you can't let us decide how long to keep them.) Being able to configure this feature would help. But a notification on demand while turning off the popups entirely would really make this even more useful.

    As it is I fear I must turn this functionality off for now because it's driving me a little batty with all the popups I'm waking up to. Well, thanks for listening!

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