Installed f.lux and it will not run

  • I installed flux and then when I click the application to open it I am told "only one copy of flux can be running at any time." I am then forced to click "ok" and nothing happens. The app shuts down and at no point in time do any settings show up. I would really like to use this app, what can I do? I have uninstalled and installed more times than I can count.

  • Look for the outline of f.lux icon neat your clock.
    If it's really not there open activity monitor.

    Let me know if it's running, if so close it down with activity monitor and restart.

    If you still don't see it then you'll have to re install.

    Edit: are you moving f.lux to applications when it asks you? Maybe that causes issues if you say no, because maybe it's not able to run at start up if it's not there.

  • The flux icon only appears near the clock when I open the application and receive the "one at a time" message but all options are grayed out. When I close flux it disappears.

    Also flux only appears in the activity monitor when I open the app, receiving the error message, otherwise it is not there despite the error telling me it is already running.

  • Did it ask you to "Move to Applications?" and how did you proceed with that?

    I'm curious because in this mac area, a few people have had a few issues, and I want to save some work for the f.lux team with the simple stuff.

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