Cant get rid of the orange lighting of flux even after uninstalling the app on my android (Redmi Note 3)

  • This is not a post
    This is me askin 4 help
    Idk where the f*** to ask
    So i wrote it here
    Cz i dont wanna fresh install another rom on mg device

    Cant even sleep cz of this issue

    And u say that flux will help u sleep by makin ur screen tint

    Ur fake methods that u have posted in the app details section in play store (on how to uninstall) also dont work.

    (Middle finger) OFF

  • @varun007 You know that when you're having issues, you should not blame the source of the program or service without exceptional reason that they are at fault.

    Have you rebooted yet (hold power and choose "Restart")? If the color remains, re-install f.lux, and set daytime to "daylight". Then uninstall once more. Reboot the phone, and your disgruntled feelings, and be polite.

  • @Tungsten_smooth

    I have rebooted my device after the uninstall and it still shows the tinted orange color.

    I have re-installed the app but my device (an android device) doesn't has any option that u mentioned above (like - daytime or daylight).

    The f.lux preferences has 3 options :
    Daytime lighting
    And bedtime

    Above 3 with color settings as normal , fluorescent and candle respectively.

    After the preferences menu other menus are : - schedule , effects and advanced. None of which has any option like the one u metioned in the reply.

    Pls look deeply into the matter .

  • @varun007 Is your phone rooted? Have you perhaps installed another screen tinting program?

  • @varun007 Choose "normal" as the option to reset the colors.

  • @lorna
    Yes my phone is rooted .
    And i have tried another app (twilight) for color correction but still flux doesn't stop.

    Orange color gets automatically activated when i install / uninstall any app.

    (Even when flux is not present in my app drawer)

  • @varun007
    I have never changed daylight lighting option from "Normal" to any other option since the install.

  • @varun007 The app drawer may not show if f.lux is running. If you hold the home button, and f.lux is not listed, this does NOT ensure it is stopped.

    Go to "Application Manager" in the Settings, and find f.lux. There, press it, and choose "Force Stop". Then let us know what happens (tag lorna, as I'll be unavailable for quick responses).

  • @Tungsten_smooth
    Thank u v. Much .
    This method works .