Asus MB169+, f.lux not working

  • I just purchased the Asus MB169+ travel monitor to use as a second display for my MacBook Air. To get it up and running all I had to do is install DisplayLink. The only challenge I am running into is that f.lux is not adjusting the color on this monitor. My MacBook Air shifts at night just as it is supposed to but the Asus monitor remains unchanged. Is there anyway to correct this?

  • +1. I just bought one of these and if flux could support it that would be a game changer!

  • DisplayLink doesn't work right now (no color controls), but perhaps in a future version.

    I will have some partial support for this in the upcoming Windows release, but no way to do it for Mac yet.

  • @herf Any update on this? Or can you recommend any travel/portable 15" monitors that support flux?

    Thanks in advance.

  • No updates, sorry - though the newer model Macs probably have the option to use DisplayPort over USB-C.

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