Fullscreen video artifacts

  • Update 3/2017: These bugs seem to be getting fixed by Apple. However, for those who do not have the latest OS or are still having trouble, we have added a "disable for fullscreen apps" toggle to f.lux. (You might want this for other reasons too.)

    The new build is here:

    Older notes and discussion follow.

    On newer Intel GPUs (HD5000 and later), fullscreen video playback can leave "white/blue" artifacts when f.lux is running. What we're seeing is that the color correction APIs work for every color but "white" when playing video. This appears to be a bug in the video driver and not something we can fix directly (i.e. downgrading to an old version of f.lux will not help).

    But good news: a f.lux user has made a Chrome extension that works around this issue. Find the link here:

    This issue was reported to Apple more than a year ago.

  • I updated to El Capitan today, and began noticing these bright artifact areas in fullscreen youtube videos once f.lux started to run after sunset.

    I have downloaded the Chrome extension, but it does not seem to have addressed the problem.

  • having this problem for a few weeks now
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB on sierra

  • @bmiles3000 The extension isn't working for me either.

  • I was about to notify about the issue, but found this post and the Chrome extension solved the issue for me.
    I'm using macOS Sierra v10.12.1.

    The top image was taken using a screenshot, the bottom using a phone camera.

  • The extension has not fixed the issue for me. A number of sites (including Amazon prime/video) still have such overexposed bright areas that flux is completely unusable.

  • i have the same issue while watching youtube videos in full screen on my macOS Sierra with Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB. why does it only happen at night?? also screen colors go temporarily back to normal if i do any action on the computer, like if i move the cursor or if pause and re-play the video with space bar, but then screen colors glitch again after a few seconds >w<" also that chrome extension didn't make any difference. plz halp!

  • @HakuCell Well, it happens at night because that's when the app kicks in. Did you try the Chrome extension?

  • said in Fullscreen video artifacts: ad "This appears to be a bug in the video driver and not something we can fix directly" come on guys... of course you can fix it. This can be fixed! It may be hard to find a solution but I'm 100 % that it exist!


  • I have not been able to reproduce the bug since upgrading to macOS 10.12.4, which introduced the Night Shift feature. I would recommend disabling the Chrome extension (or tweaks to your Safari CSS) after updating your macOS, and see if the fixes aren't needed anymore.

  • @lorna -- Is your team aware about color issues with fullscreen chrome videos with f.lux? Colors that are white, or near white, show up quite distorted in fullscreen videos on my system. I was really excited about night mode in osx because it solved that problem for me, but after reading the above thread I would like to continue using f.lux. But the distortion is really frustrating!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Is there a way to fix this problem as it relates to videos played from iTunes? I figured out the Chrome fix, but it still happens in iTunes unless I disable f.lux.

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