f.lux is unstable on MacOS Sierra

  • I am a new user to f.lux, as I just found out about it from a friend. But I did want to put it out there that it keeps causing my laptop to crash. I am loving it when it isn't causing my computer to crash! For now I decided to delete it and will reinstall when there is an update to make it stable. Keep up the good work guys! :)

    In case it matters in anyway, I have an early 2015 13' Mac Book pro retina running MacOS Sierra

  • Are you still having this issue? If so were you on/still on a beta build, or the official build?

  • Yes, I am still having the problem of my mac randomly crashing. But now I am not sure whether it is f.lux or not? I am trying to figure out where you go on the mac to diagnose why your mac crashed. Being new to mac and f.lux I still have lots of learning to do. But it seemed to start happening right when I started using f.lux. maybe I am wrong. And yes I am on the official build.

  • @NateDog Did you resolve this? I seem to be having the same issue. I'm running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 public beta. I've grown very used to having f.lux working and not having it tells.

    My issue seems to occur only when I run f.lux. If I disable it or remove it altogether from my system, there isn't any trouble at all. I do wish Apple has implemented night shift on the new OS.

  • @ikkumar If Apple implemented Night Shift--judging from their mobile implementation, you'd have about four options. I know many many people want to just set the time and be done, but it's really nice to have some REAL research behind it and not a company using information from way back in the day, thinking they can do whatever and be done.

    Apple doesn't care quite as much about all this as the f.lux team. I think that's clear, but we need f.lux because they started all this, and they're going to continue to look into research and talk to professionals and it's just going to keep going until everything is figured out. There's a lot to learn so that won't be anytime soon.

    I'd rather apple not change so many things related to the video, it's just been one bug after the next on this forum, and I've had no issues on PC. If I had a mac, I'd be absolutely outraged at how much shit Apple changed, it almost seems like they are trying to stop f.lux from working correctly, I mean bugs like this have happened for almost three years, it's getting insane.

  • @Tungsten_smooth You know, I don't think Apple's working against us here, so much as they have really hard job right now. They're trying hard to improve a lot of stuff, and it's the only platform that supports wide gamut color, they're sincerely trying to do a lot of good things with auto brightness - which we believe can have a circadian effect. I really don't want to see Apple bashing on the forum, believe me we've been frustrated too, but at the end of the day I hope they will care about this just as much as we do. If our real role in this turns out to be making other people care, then we've still done a pretty good thing.

  • You're right and I agree with most of what you're saying. My problem though is very different; some issue that's causing a conflict between f.lux and safari is resulting in my laptop restarting randomly. As a result I'm being forced to use Chrome and that's not what I would like to do always. It means having to save all my passwords again and redo everything. All I want is for this one issue to be fixed so that the choice of browser is mine.

  • And as to the first question here..... @NateDog if you are having these problems it would be super helpful to know: version of f.lux? Version of Sierra? What is your hardware (this is probably the most important thing to know)? Do you have autobrightness on or off?

  • @ikkumar This sounds like a dual GPU switching issue. Can you also try http://gfx.io/ and see if choosing one GPU or the other helps?

  • @herf hey! Thanks for the reply. I haven't had this problem in my old mid-2009 MacBook pro and am only experiencing this on MBP 2016. You can understand why I'm perplexed. I will check the gpu issue although etrecheck didn't flag anything.

  • @herf @lorna Hey! So i downloaded the app but I'm on a 13-inch 2016 MBP without touch bar. I'm getting a message that says I have only 1 GPU so it can't do its thing. The system restarts randomly only when Safari is open and f.lux is running. I looked for a pattern but there really isn't one. I've been using Chrome for the past couple of days and haven't had any issue. My uneducated guess would be that there exists some disconnect between Safari and f.lux. Any assistance would be more than welcome.

    The machine specs are: MBP 2016 without Touch Bar; Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 beta.

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