Flickering under Sierra

  • I installed Sierra (OS 10.12) yesterday. And I've started noticing occasional mild flickering in some windows on my main monitor when Flux is active.
    The flickers seem to occur when typing.
    I haven't changed my main monitor's setup since moving to Sierra.
    I checked the FAQs, but I was unable to find an option to turn off automatic brightness, as suggested in them.
    The flickering isn't a big problem: just slightly annoying.
    Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Richard

  • I have the same problem as well. macOS 10.12.2, f.lux 37.7.

  • I am running Sierra 10.12.3 and Flux 37.7 turns off if I tilt the Macbook Pro away from me (either the screen or the whole laptop), and Flux turns back on when I tilt the laptop/screen towards me or set it flat on the table.

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