Disable f.lux's automatic adjustments based on time/location

  • I love the color/brightness options of f.lux but I find it incredibly frustrating that there seems to be no way to disable its automatic adjustments based on the time of day. I don't want separate automatic settings for Daytime, Sunset, and Bedtime, and I don't even care whether f.lux keeps track of the time of day. I simply want to select the color/brightness that I want at a given moment and enable it with no automatic adjustments. Is there any way to do this??

  • Agreed. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and bluer light later in the night in winter is very helpful.

  • @Shyman You can set all three sliders to the same value, but that is difficult to do throughout the day. The idea is if you just adjust the current slider, that we will learn over time what you like.

    Our main goal with f.lux is to make the timing consistent from day to day. Can you say when you find it's really not working?

  • @ceramicmonster You may like the "working late" preset if you prefer more light in the early evening.

  • @herf "Working late" seemed to be what I wanted today, but one annoying thing is that when I switched back, my "custom colors" profile was lost. Is there supposed to be a way to save the custom colors? I just want the colors slightly less orange than the defaults. I shouldn't have to readjust that every time I switch to "working late". Alternately I would have been fine with "disable until x", where I can choose a time.

    Thanks for considering my feedback.

  • I have a similar problem. I live in Sweden and the sunset time is 14:34 now, it will be earlier then. The sunrise and sunset are not suit to be the reference of work time and rest time in Nordic countries. If I can set the sunrise and sunset time, for example, that would be more practical.

  • I have the same problem. I can't adjust my room curtain and the light with the monitor. It must be possible to set the monitor light not automated.

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