Darkroom often flips to black and white

  • When using Flux darkroom mode on El Capitan, on a MacBookPro Retina, it will often flip to black and white when I turn the screen lighting to 0 or temporarily lower the screen. Note, I am not putting the laptop to sleep.

    To turn dark room mode back on properly, I have to turn it off--it will briefly flicker red as it transitions back to having it off--then I have to turn it on again. This is disruptive for me and those around me, as I often use darkroom mode during meetings.

  • After further experience, I find that this is not correlated with closing the screen part way, but is entirely linked to shaking the computer, or introducing some significant gyroscope feedback.

    Even after undoing dark room mode and closing flux, this weird situation happens where it does a transition to darkroom and flashes back to normal.
    What in the world..

    (crappy cell phone camera video)

  • Experiencing the same here since upgrading to El Capitan.

    Doesn't seem to be related to any gyro or light changes; happens any time using darkroom (on of my favorite features of Flux) as soon as an app is foregrounded for a notification, brightness changes, or pretty much within 15-30s of activating, and makes the feature fairly useless. Even worse, it sometimes slowly fades back in and then goes to black and white, making the experience somewhat schizophrenic.

    It could be related to using the laptop on battery power, as I primarily use this feature while on the move.

    OS X El Capitan, 10.11.6
    Processor: Inter Core i7
    Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536MB

  • After following this thread, I went to Settings > Displays > Automatically adjust brightness and disabled that feature. So far so good after 15m.

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