Preferences do not consistently open from the menu bar (ver. 37.7)

  • Firstly, Flux is fantastic. Keep on supporting this piece of software and I'll continue to champion the work you folks are doing.

    There is small problem that I have encountered on a MacBook Pro Retina (2015) and an iMac (2010), both of which are running El Capitan. When a window in full screen mode and I open the Flux preferences menu from the menu bar, it fails to load. If i return back to the desktop and try it again it still does not work, nor is it hidden behind something else.

    This happens nine times out of ten when trying to access the preference menu when in full screen mode. The only way to fix the issue is to open Flux again from the Application menu, then load preferences from the menu bar again.

    It's only a small bug, but I hope by bringing it to your attention It can be fixed in a future update.


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