F.lux keeps restarting - even if I "quit" the app.

  • Halp!

    If I "disable...for an hour" F.lux restarts after ~10 minutes.
    If I "disable...until sunrise" F.lux restarts after ~10 minutes.
    If I QUIT the app, F.lux restarts after ~10 minutes.

    You get the idea.

    It won't stay OFF, and I need it off.

    Mac OS 10.10.5, f.lux 36.3.

    Any ideas to keep it off? Do I need to uninstall the app just to keep it off?

  • If you quit the app it is supposed to stay quit! I have not heard this one before.
    Any clues about what you might have that is different or unusual? Are you scripting things or using an app launcher?

    What happens if you force quit "Flux" in Activity Monitor?

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