Worlds first refreshing Desk- and Daylight Lamp

  • Tired at work or lacking motivation in winter? What if light could replace your coffee machine or even the lacking sun during dark days in winter?

    The Munich based start-up HEAVN designed a stunning Daylight Lamp for your desk, which helps to overcome these problems by using the beneficial properties and dynamics of sunlight.

    The illumination is changing it's color from 2200K to 6000K. But it's not only illuminating the table like other desk lamps. The HEAVN One has a special surface, shining blue-enriched light directed towards the eyes. Providing a bright light shower from an optimal angle, proven to make you more awake. Over the time the effect decays automatically. JUST LIKE COFFEE.

    Therefore it's called Visual Caffeine - activated through the push of a button. The so called COFEE BUTTON.

    Every function and detail of its design was carefully planned out in conjunction with leading scientists.

    But instead of only reducing blue light in the evening to prepare for a good night’s sleep, it also provides you with activating light throughout the day. Providing Coffee

    At the moment it is available via Kickstarter for a limited time. If you like, you can support this project over there by preordering Visual Caffeine.

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