Heads up on new smart light focused squarely on circadian rythm, svet

  • A heads up about this new circadian smart light focused squarely on circadian rhythm health available for pre-sale over at svet.io. Credit goes to my friend Andy for turning me onto this product.

  • Thanks Adam, nice catch by your friend.

    Bluetooth, xbee link, not mechanically dimmable (through app, 10% only)...

    The pattern watching/learning is interesting!

    With that new kind of intelligent LED bulbs, we are getting closer to replace the general incandescent lighning in our houses and offices, but not for the tasks/mood lightning (desk lamps, reading lights, backdrops) where we want more direct (dimmer) control over brightness.

    Can you help? I think we are the only two survivor here interested in smart-lightning ;-)



  • @montreuilg Yeah that's a drag about it not being compatible with conventional household dimmer switches. I can wait for that though, for right now this is like the only product I know of that does what I've been wanting (f.lux - like functionality) out of the box.

    Have you checked out the Ario? It mentions a dimmer, although I think it's referring to the trunk of the ario itself and probably in-app. Not sure about the wall switch/ dimmer variety. Just sent them a message and asked, they said no can do on the wall dimmer switch.

    Desk lamps, can't help you much there. Andy likes the one over at Dyson, but obviously that's an obscene price tag and there's no circadian rhythm considerations at all.

    People are interested, it's coming, just a matter of when.

  • I prefer incandescent / halogen over any other light source in a lamp for reading and cooking so I can see EXACTLY what color things are.

    If I do not have near perfect quality light it discolor food to the point that three people cannot tell if meat it cooked (the entire piece had a pinkish tint) or I cannot read as easily.

    The pinkish tint happened with led lighting and meat was confirmed fully cooled with incandescent lights in the eating area.

    High quality light is important and led doesn't quite get it yet.

  • @Tungsten_smooth

    Light quality is really important, no doubt about that. Reason number one to have normal electrical components controlling the lamp fixture (mechanical luminance/temp. dimmer). This way, you don't need to scramble for your phone/tablet/computer/iot control room when you just need to adjust the light...

    The LEDs are getting better, warmer and cheaper every month. As for a «circadian» LED, i am still looking for one that could be as warm as 1200K. and that would allow me full programmatic access to the controller so i can set RGB color to any crazy value i want ;-)

    Unfortunately, not having a way to know if you read it, i have to ask if you have time to check this thread and even maybe take some time to read and comment on the datasheet mentioned in there?




  • FYI I emailed Svet a few days ago asking for an update on shipping and if I could expect the bulbs to ship by the end of Summer 2017. This was the reply I received from Aleksey Dubov.

    Thank you for your support!

    Unfortunately, we haven’t got enough pre-orders from the US to proceed with FCC and UL certification. Without these certifications, we cannot ship to you. We are still getting new orders from the US. As soon as we get enough preorders, we will have a batch with these certifications."

    Crossing my fingers.

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