F.lux not loading properly - sending back to welcome screen

  • Hi,

    I had two Mac Minis not boot properly from cold this morning (1st August 2016). They wouldn't let me passed the welcome/login screen. (Desktop would try to load, get to try and loading Flux in the background and then go back to the welcome screen - just went round in a loop if I tried again...!)

    One is running OSX 10.11.6 and the other 10.11.5. I've never had any issues with F.lux before and it seems strange it would happen to both on the same day!

    I fixed the issue by:

    1. Booting into Safe Mode (holding Shift while it boots).

    2. Went into System Preferences > Users & Groups.
      (On the 10.11.6 mini I had to run Disk Utility > First Aid to be able to get in there as I was getting a "could not load users & groups preference pane" error at first.)

    3. Removed Flux from the login items on my account.

    Both minis now start fine.

    So for some strange reason, Flux doesn't seem to like the 1st August!

    Any ideas what might be happening?!

  • Do you use FileVault? It usually makes you login twice if you do (unrelated to f.lux).

  • Thanks for responding speedily herf.

    Nope, don't use FileVault! I've been using Flux for many years and have never had an issue with it before. Then out of the blue today, on two separate machines, I've had this issue!

    On both machine it auto logins, so I never normally see the welcome/login screen...

    Flux was the top login item in the accounts on both machines (along with Dropbox and Alfred). And taking it out fixed the problem.

    The desktop would start loading (showing icons on the desktop, loading TimeMachine up in the taskbar, etc.) but when Flux started to try and load - it went to the welcome/login screen - very strange!

    Both machines started fine yesterday and there's been no changes on them yesterday.

    Tis a brain scratcher...!

  • Yes this is extremely strange - will keep an eye on it.
    The only recent 'major' change is a new version of the Sparkle updater, but this shouldn't cause anything like this.

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