Feature request - White and Blacklist app hue changes

  • Wanted to ask if an additional feature could be added to flux. Instead of just selecting each app individually to activate / deactivate hue changes, could there be a independent window where (1) the default blacklisting all or whitelisting all encountered apps can be selected, and (2) the history of activities encountered being treated with/out hue changes is displayed and can be manually adjusted thereafter. What I ended up doing is going into the plist and manually adding booleans to disable or enable different apps. But this was very laborious and would be even more tedious if it needs future adjustments.
    Adding a whitelist / blacklist would be an extension of the disable for this app feature, just adding more adjustability. Thanks and this would be great.

  • @ans87flx The Mac version has a blacklist and I'm sure that's coming to windows. I just can't understand what a whitelist would do.

  • Not necessarily white list, though that's what I wrote. What I think would be more relevant is access to application history and ability to change retroactively the disable / enable settings. So, for example, a two column window panel with applications flux has interacted with (day or night time) in one column and enable / disable in the second column. This way, changes can be fine tuned.
    A white list would only change this so the default would be disable instead of enable. That isn't necessary since most apps would be enabled. Thanks.

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