Flux is operating in daytime hours

  • I have tried numerous things - quitting the app to refresh, changing settings, etc., but nothing seems to work. Flux is changing the screen colour (it's now 8:30 local time) while telling me the sun is up - go outside! Any ideas?

  • @Susan Check your time zone in the mac preferences and also be sure to correctly set your location in the f.lux settings. Do one at a time and test so we know what fixed it.

  • Thanks - it's worth noting that I have been using this App and traveling around the world for the past year. This was the first time I had such a problem. The region and coordinates were correct when I first checked, and the only thing that has helped was to shut down my laptop completely and let everything re-boot. It seems to be ok now.

  • Ok, so given all that has been said above, it is now 07:51 local time and Flux just kicked in (being scheduled for between 21:00-06:00). I'm going to uninstall it and re-install it. Such a waste of time!

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