Access dimming stages from quick menu in system bar

  • Hey there!

    First off, I have been relying on flux for a long time now and it has made a huge difference for me when using my computer, not just at nighttime.

    Now, very often I find myself changing the dimming stage (nothing, sunlight, fluorescent, halogen, tungsten, etc.) multiple times throughout the day. My eyes have become more and more light-sensitive with time. Especially, pollen season makes a cold bright screen hurt to varying degree throughout the day.

    Every time I click on the menu symbol up in the mac osx' menu bar, click preferences, and adjust the freely scalable scale to any of these stages. Personally, I'd find it a huge advance, if the stages were choosable right from the system bar's menu. This would save me both the additional clicks of opening the preferences and closing them, but also the attention it takes to move the scale to one of the stages, instead of simply having to select a pre-set stage.

    Anyway, just something to consider. Again, as someone who's light-sensitive, I couldn't work at my computer without flux. Thank you for the work you've put in creating it!

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